Font Style within Blocks

Hi, I have saved the font style as Open Sans in the settings for my course in Rise. When I view my course however in edit mode it appears to have different fonts within different blocks. Does anyone know how to get all the text in the course to stay at the saved setting? Also is there a way to change the font in a specific  block? Additionally, can you copy and paste text from PDF's or other media into Rise Blocks? 

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Samantha,

When you set up your fonts in Rise, you'll have a Header and Body font: 

Did you set both as Open Sans? The fonts throughout Rise will be drawn from this setting, so if you're seeing something different it would help to take a look an example. 

You can copy/paste text from another source into Rise, but keep in mind that may carry over some formatting which you don't want. I typically copy and paste from Notepad (or a similar tool) as that will remove all the formatting associated with the text. 

Samantha Doss

Hi, yes I have both selected as same font style in the settings, it still has changed the font throughout the course. I noticed too, if I bold or italics text the font also changes. Also I have used the copy and paste and made sure to "copy as plain text" but it still doesn't change to set font for the course.