Getting Data Back

Jul 03, 2019

How do I get the answers to Quiz Questions back for reporting metrics?  I've created quiz questions in Storyline, I've sent them to Review360, and imported them to my Rise360 Course I'm building.  Once I have employees using and viewing this, I need to be able to collect this data.

Thank you for any help

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Jay Freeman

I have a similar situation to Jocelyn, in that I will need to collect some basic data about the people engaging with the course. I was hoping to have a multiple choice quiz where they could select the cohort that they belong to, and that I could then access that data. The data sent to an LMS would be ideal, but I will not be using an LMS for this project. Is there another way to access this data? Much appreciated!

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Jay! We only support tracking Rise 360 output when it's hosted in a learning management system. 

Would embedding a 3rd party survey tool in your course be an acceptable solution? You would access the survey tool to see results from folks answering in your Rise 360 course. Here's an example of using Google Forms in a course.

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