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Magda van der Walt

Is there a way to include course content in RISE for learners to hover over the word to see the definition? I am desperate for this as my course has so much technical jargon in it and its hard to make learning easy. I've asked this question previously in other forums - would love to get some help on this please :) 

Darren McNeill

Using a Storyline Block might be useful for a Glossary, but if the course is set to restricted then the Glossary Lesson section wont be available unless they get to it? Can you add a lesson (which would be needed to make it available throughout the course and not just in one lesson) that is exempt from the restricted setting?

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Darren! Good question. There isn't a way to make one lesson unrestricted when the rest are restricted. 

It sounds like you want to give learners access to the glossary at any time. Instead of using a Storyline Block, perhaps you could host the Storyline content on a web server. Then, add a hyperlink to the Storyline content in the course description on the main menu page.

Darren McNeill

It is an option but ideally having a Glossary or Notes option within the Rise course would be better. It is not always best practice to send someone to an external link while doing an Elearning module, it can be distracting. If this is the only option then I will set it up and see if it is acceptable for the customer.


Allison Znachko

Yes, I'd like to also make this request for an internal glossary feature and a rollover/hint on technical words within my course. We have to restrict our course navigation, so the storyline block doesn't work. I've also tried to make the glossary it's own lesson, but that doesn't work either. This need will continue to be a need for my technical courses. Thank you for adding to the list of updates needed.

Andrea Pulido

I would definitely agree with the comments above. I work in the finance industry and we have a lot of complex terminology that we cover in our training. While I love the ease of using Rise 360 for smaller courses and m-learning, I am struggling with the lack of certain features, particularly the glossary or rollover/hint capability. This functionality would greatly benefit a lot of learners, especially those that may not be tech savvy.