Hiding Default Sidebar Menu on Rise



Really liking the look of rise but just have a couple of questions.


Is it possible to change the (white) background colour / have an image as the background, or can you only change the single primary colour? 


Is there a way to have the sidebar menu set so it is automatically hidden without having to click?




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Adam Schwartz

Hey Leo - really appreciate your warm words about Rise.

In Blocks you can change the background color for any block. We generally don't think global changes to background color is a great idea because we've tried to make Rise as web-standard as possible. You don't see many responsive sites with non-white backgrounds and there's a usability reason for that. :-)

Also, when do you want your content to have an image background? We have Text on Image block for instance. Can you mock up some examples for us to see?

We are working on a feature to not allow the sidebar. But sounds like you want it there, but just closed by default? Even on wide screens that would allow it? Can you help us understand the use case for that? 

Thanks again!



Artifex eLearning

Hey Adam. Thanks for the quick response.

That makes sense about the background colour.

With regards to the sidebar - I was just wondering what the options were really. Thought It might be a nice feature to be able to have the menu collapsed by default just to give a different look and feel to the course :)



Sheri Lee

Now that the Storyline block is available in Rise I'd like to see the option to collapse the menu by default for a better user experience, especially on mobile devices. My use case is our new onboarding begins with a welcome video, which looks better when the menu is collapsed. We will deliver the onboarding primarily on tablets. 

Storyline block is a FANTASTIC update!

Katie Riggio

Hi everyone,

I wanted to follow up on Adam/Crystal's posts, in which the ability to customize the sidebar menu's visibility in Rise is now live! Check out Adam's post here for additional information and a quick video!

Thanks again for sharing your use cases with us, and let us know if you have any other thoughts either here or via our product feature request form!