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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Laura, 

Until now, you've been able to show or hide the author for each individual lesson in a course. And now you can show or hide the author for the entire course all at once. This issue was rolled out in Rise yesterday so you've got it right away - for a full list of the release notes take a look at our article here. 

Tanner Swenson

Hi there Heroes, how does one go about hiding the author in every page and every aspect of the course in one action? If this can not be done yet, it would be a monumentally useful feature. Thanks! It would also be useful to be able to set the author as hidden for all content by default. We work on projects as a team back and forth and our 10,000+ learners aren't really supposed to be privy to who builds what pages, etc. as we work as a single cohesive group. 


Tanner Swenson

Alyssa, that has not been my experience so far. After hiding myself from the main course page, I am still seeing the author automatically populating as myself when I create a new section in the course. We are worried that someone may overlook this option sometime in a course (there are 6 of us working on dozens of courses at a time) and that will take away from the congruous flow of the projects. Being able to universally hide the author, or even completely remove the author option, from the settings page would be ideal.

Crystal Horn

Hi Tanner.  I see what you're saying!  Let me check with our team to understand the expected behavior there and if we can improve upon that option.

In the meantime, when you are completely finished with a course, using the course author dropdown on the main page to hide the author should ensure the author is again hidden from all lessons.

Thanks for pointing that out!