How to constrain image and text width in Rise

Dec 19, 2023

I am working on a course revision where the content template is already constrained in width, centered with wide margins. Some of the templates I am adding, however, do not allow me to change the width--specifically, the Two Column layout, as well as some general text. Note that I am using the Two Column template with an image in the background, but the problem is appearing on new Text blocks that I add, too, such as Paragraph with Heading. How can I fix this so that the whole page is the same width?


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Lauren Connelly

Hello Joanne!

Thanks for reaching out! Since Rise 360 is responsive, blocks span the entire width of the screen but will get cropped to fit different screen sizes and orientations. All that to say, the width of blocks isn't customizable.

Are you seeing the width changes when making the browser window smaller and larger?

Joanne Mitchell

What I'm seeing in Preview (as well as Edit) mode is a centered content "field" down the middle of the screen on the old material, but when I add things--text or image with a text, for instance--it juts to the full width of the screen and prevents the material from having a polished design look. It's like reading a book where SOME of the paragraphs have no margins.