How to delete a header and title in the lessons

Mar 02, 2021

Hello community.

I need your advice. How is it possible to delete a title of the course and a header block in the course, but at the same time to leave a lesson title in the content block. When I delete the title manually from the lesson, then it is deleted from the sidebar.

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Sam Williamson

Short answer: you can't.

Long answer: you can't, in Rise itself. Once a course is published you could manually edit its CSS to hide the header element, but this isn't a change that's fed back to Rise so you'll need to do it every time you republish. Also, obviously Articulate would advise you not to do this; I don't think the example I give below will affect functionality/accessibility, but it's not like I've rigorously tested it.

So, the example:

  1. Download your published course.
  2. Open the zip and navigate to scormcontent > lib > main.bundle.css
  3. Within your text editor, search for .page__header-container and add display:none; inside the curly brackets following the search term.
  4. Save main.bundle.

That's it. If you try to open the course in a browser you should see that lessons no longer have their headers. The element I targeted removes the 'Lesson X of Y', lesson title and inscrutable horizontal line but retains the menu button, so learners can still collapse/expand the menu.