How to Design & Deliver an Online Course Resource Guide

Are you interested in teaching or developing an online course in the future? I created this comprehensive resource guide as a tool for educators to make the online course design & delivery process more efficient and effective. Too often, educators are asked to develop and teach a course without adequate resources (i.e. time, support services) needed to acclimate them to online instructional design.

Please feel free to share the link to this resource guide with your peers. Feedback is appreciated.

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LeAyn Walton

Great Course!! Wonderful information. I do have a question. How were you able to lock lesson 16 to require the learner to view each tab before the continue tab would unlock? I embedded a storyline project in one of my lessons that includes an acknowledgment statement. I have the storyline project locked so they can't move forward until they have viewed all of the slides, and I have configured Rise to restrict learners from moving forward until they have viewed the lesson, but the problem I am having is that they can move forward in Rise simply by starting the storyline video, not finishing it. The way you configured this module may help.