How to directly Edit Web Export File from Rise 360

Hi Community,

I have exported my Articulate 360 course as a web export file. However, it appears to have some sort of encryption as I am not able to edit the HTML CSS File after exporting it. The reason why I want to edit it is so that I can make edits which the platform does not allow like change background color etc. before I upload the files on a custom website.

Is there any way to achieve the above outcome or is there a way I can directly get the editable version of the web export file?


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Crystal Horn

Hello there. While we can't help with modifications to the published output, we don't prevent you from editing it. 

So the community can help, can you describe how and where you're extracting the web export? And if you can share what you're seeing when you open the main.bundle.css, that would be helpful. Thanks!