How to force user to click on a Button in Rise 360

Jan 07, 2020

I have a button that I want to force the user to click on before moving on. 

I have a Continue after the button with the "Complete the content above before moving on"  but it does not force them to click on the button.

Any advice on how to get this to work? 

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Wendy! A button or button stack is not a block that works with the Continue button.

You can use continue blocks to require learners to complete carousel blocks, checkbox lists, audio blocks, video blocks, accordions, tabs, labeled graphics, processes, sorting activities, flashcards, knowledge checks, scenario, and Storyline blocks. (Although button blocks and attachment blocks are interactive, you can’t require learners to complete them.)

Some folks have used:

  • a checkbox list to force an acknowledgment of having completed a task
  • a quiz or Storyline block to check for retention of the content

I hope that gives you some ideas!

Adam Romano

Is there any plans to change this?  Having to make them click a check box after clicking the button is quite redundant.  For example, I have a course where they must visit an external page before continuing.  Having a button to link them there is functional.  Having them check a box afterwards confirming they've clicked the button makes adult learners feel like children in detention...

Knowledge Central .

Is there any way for users to complete the audio that's in the SL360 before allowing them to click on the "Complete the content above before moving on"?

I've included audio files and require users to listen to it before being able to click "Complete the content above before moving on". Some portion worked while others don't. The settings are all same but the outcomes are different.

Please assist.

Karl Muller

Let's suppose for a moment that Rise had the ability to determine if an external link was clicked.

For example "Click on this link and read the HR policy about Internet use."

The CONTINUE button would verify that the link was clicked, but that's it.

The course designer would still have no idea if the learner actually read anything.

In our organization we use many external links. If we really need to know if they learned anything from external sites, we use Quiz questions to determine this. 

Marco Mueller

Yes. I agree. But when the requirement is to have the user click the link and that is the only requirement it should be able to register that action.

This is not very different than clicking the "You agree with the legal terms to this agreement for apps and other online forms which then activates the submit or forward button. Just because you clicked and agreed doesn't mean you've read the document. It's just a legal hoop you have to jump through. Similar to the requirements needed in my situation.

Karl Muller

Keep in mind that Rise does not send any data of student actions regarding any block type within a Lesson to the LMS.

There is no permanent record of links clicked (or anything else completed in a Lesson). 

So if you need to keep track of links clicked for regulatory or legal reasons, Rise cannot be used for this purpose as there is no such record.

Marco Mueller

Not asking it to. I would just like it to not let the learner move to the next section until they've clicked the link. It doesn't let me move forward if I don't click on a flash card, clicking on a tab or accordion feature, watch a video clip, move through a bunch of labelled graphics or process. Not sure why ensuring that they click on a link would be different from these. Is there a reason why?

Frederic Coleman

Going through this right now.  I have a document that shows the correct PPE for the specified work area.  This document lives on our HSE page and can be improved and revised.  New hires need the most current when they are trained so linking to the document is the best way to ensure they see the latest and greatest.  Having a way to make sure they looked at it would be very helpful.  Please add this functionality.