How to make an extraction of quiz with answers

Mar 07, 2020

Hi There,

I'm new user of Rise 360 and so, I have a question...

Every year members of my team have to check the Q & A in all the courses but some of them just can't use the platform (I am in charge).

Hence my question : can I extract the data from the Q & A in order to edit it out of the platform ?

The idea is to import the new Q&A straight to platform.

Is it possible ?

Thanks so much (June from France, sorry for my english)

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Crystal Horn

Hello June! Let me ask some questions so that I can help you better:

  • Are you hosting your Rise 360 course in a learning management system?
  • Do you want to replace the questions of the quiz in your course without editing the course in Rise 360?
  • Or, do you want to extract just the quiz questions from your course and host them directly on your platform?

We'll be standing by to help!

June Perot

Hello Crystal,

Thanks for your answer.

1. Indeed ! courses are hosting on our LMS.

2. The second problem is the following one : I just don't own the initial data (courses on Rise 360) but I need to edit it. So how can I reach this data ? Actually, I would like to send to every members of my team the data in order for them to edit it.

Then they have to send me their files edited and I can correct/update their modifications directly on Rise 360. The fact is that they are not allowed to access to our Rise 360 account.

Hope I'm clear...

Kind regards,

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Fabien!

Each person who needs to make edits to a Rise 360 course will need access to log in to Rise 360. There isn't a way to edit any content outside of Rise 360.

As an alternative, I would suggest that you publish the Rise 360 course to Review 360. Then, send the Review 360 link to each person who should review the course. They can make comments there on the changes that are needed.

After everyone has had a chance to review the course, someone with access to Rise 360 can edit the course to make the suggested changes. 

Karl Muller

Hi James,

Rise itself does not store any data. You need to use your Rise course within a LMS, and depending on your export settings data will be sent to the LMS.

When you publish your Rise 360 course for cmi5, SCORM 2004, or xAPI (Tin Can API), it sends full question text to your LMS.