How to view image properties e.g. name in a Labeled Graphic block

Nov 16, 2020

Hi, i'm creating lots of Rise courses for a software house, and there are 100's of images which i need to record in a central system so that they can see what it is and where it is used within Rise.

I'm struggling to see how i can view the image name that has been used as the main image in a labelled graphic block.  I just get the option to upload a new image.

I've used a number of labelled graphics in the training so far so can any help?



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Lorna Rose

Hi, thanks for coming back to me.  Just tried this in Chrome and this is what i see.  It looks like Rise has renamed the image and hasn't kept the name it was uploaded with.  I can't see the properties either I'm afraid.

I will just do a better job of documenting the images in our central log so i don't loose track of what has been used.

Thanks for your help


Chino Navarro

Hi Lorna,

I am here to help.

You can see the filename of the uploaded image by right-clicking on it and click on Inspect.

This will open up the developer tools' sidebar. In the highlighted section of the toolbar, you should see <img alt=> then the original filename of the image. 

If you need to see the image's original dimension. You can right-click on the image and click on Save image as.

This will download the image into your computer. You can then right-click on the image file and click on Properties.

In the Properties window, click on the Details tab, and you should find the image's dimensions.

I hope that helps!

Kariñe Idigoras

Just some contribution to this usefull thread. If you are making the course compliant for those visually impaired, you will not see the name of the file in the "alt" attribute, as you probably have added an alt text to describe the image for screen readers. If you delete (ctrl+x) the text, you will see the name, and after that ctrl+p again the alt text.