Image doesn't appear until I select button to continue in RISE

Mar 15, 2023

Hi there,

I feel like I show know how to fix this, but then seem to be stumped.

I have an image that I have used as a divider just for cosmetics within a section that has multiple subsections.

I can't see the image until I select the button underneath it, and I can't see a setting to fix it.  I have attached my review link.  Go into Section 2, 3 or4 and you will see the image between sections.  I attached two images so you can see what you are to look for. 

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Teresa Vanderpost

Hi Tom, if you take a look at the review link, you will see the image block is actually above the continue block.  So I assumed my image will appear and then you see my continue button, but the image is not showing up until after you press the continue button like you are describing.  I was hoping the image would just appear above the button and then stay when the button disappears, but now thinking maybe the divider should go under the continue button.  I attached a few images as well.  I can always temporarily share the file with you if you like.  I assume I add you as a co-collaborators for a RISE file, but let me know your thoughts first.  Thanks

Teresa Vanderpost

So I moved the image below the continue block in section 3, left section 2 so you can see the difference. I think that moving it below the button works for me.  But I am still curious as to why the image doesn't show up when it is above the continue block...things that make me go hmmmm...

Teresa Vanderpost

Hi Tom, sorry to bug, this got me thinking. Before the new Themes option came out you used to have an option I think under Settings to turn off the Fade or Slide in image as they appear so they would just be there.  I can't seem to find it now.  Not sure if this makes sense. Thought maybe if I can turn that off they would show up the way I want them to.  NO rush...just can't find that option anymore.