Importing Audio into Scenarios

Nov 01, 2019

I am trying to determine how I can import audio files into scenarios, preferably in Rise 360, but would also like to know if it can be done in Storyline 360 .  I would prefer it be a 'seamless' flow for the learner, instead of them having to click on another block to launch the audio.


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Amy Hengst

In the "Scenario" block type you cannot add audio.

However, you can use the Multimedia Audio block in Rise and either record directly in Rise or upload a file. You can then type alt text, or paragraphs of description after the text. 

There may be other ways I haven't experimented with yet such as using the Interactive > Button Stack option and linkjing the buttons to audio files, or using the hyperlinks within paragraphs of text, such as in the Accordion block to add audio. 

April  Cleveland

If you use the Interactive Button Stack option and link the buttons to audio files, where would you house the audio files? Is there an option to store them somewhere in Rise? Actually I just checked and there is not an option for an audio file with the Button Stack option. Thank you.