Integrating documents from a google site into Rise

Feb 16, 2017

Hey there, 

Is anyone experiencing difficulty linking to a document hosted on a google site? 

It seems that when you select the hyperlink you get redirected to a page that asks you click yet another link in order to download. It's painful. 

Any ideas on how this could be solved? Example :) 



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Leslie McKerchie

Hello Elizabeth - 

Sorry for the delay in responding as I reached out to my colleagues for some assistance in understanding what you may be experiencing. Seems to be a security feature of browsers and happens within our other products as well. Demo link for SL360 here.

How are you generating your share URL? Or what is the ?attredirects=0&d=1 for?

You should utilize this link:

Result seems to be the same when publishing the web version and LMS version as well.


Elizabeth Everingham Miller

Hi Leslie - Yes it is puzzling. Even if I remove the ?attredirects=0&d=1 the result is the same. I don't know the purpose of this extra url extension. 

I've attached a screen grab that shows where the links come from, you can choose a view link which puts it into a viewer which is lovely and displays really well in Rise. The other is the download link which works in other places, eg links in word and pdfs but gives us this problem in Rise. I really wanted a straight download without that interim page. 

Thanks so much for looking into it for me. I very much appreciate the time you've given it. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Elizabeth,

When you include the link in a Word or PDF document it downloads direct from there vs. the download page you're seeing? As Leslie mentioned it seems connected to browser (and perhaps Google drive) as a security feature as the same occurs in Storyline 360. I wonder if you could include both - the view link that allows you to see it in the viewer and displays well within Rise and then a link to download it? That way users who are accessing the Rise course on a mobile device will still be able to see the content as they may not be able to download/view documents within an existing document viewer and this way they'll stay inside the Rise interface for viewing of the course? 

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