Integration of a Storyline quiz into Rise

Mar 12, 2021


I've created a quiz of 4 questions, in Storyline360. The required passing score is 75%. If the user failed, he needs to restart the quiz again and again until he obtains the passing score (with the retry button). I've added a trigger in my slide results (on the basic layer) if the passing score is obtained = mark the module as completed/success and if not = mark the module incomplete/failed.

The problem is that I need to integrate this Storyline block into Rise. To make sure users completes the quiz, I've added a "Continue" button, with the setting "Complete the content above before moving on."  It works perfectly if the quiz is completed with success but when the user failed, the Continue button still appears.

When I saw this problem, I've also tried to add the trigger on the success and failure layers but it did not change anything on the problem.

What can I do to avoid this?

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Alyssa Gomez

Hello, Marie-France!

Open the Storyline 360 quiz, and add this trigger on the results slide Passed layer: Complete course when the timeline starts on the Passed layer. 

If you have a "complete course" trigger on any other layer, you'll want to remove it. 

Then, follow these steps when publishing the content to Review 360.

Renz Sevilla

Hi Marie,

To require learners to pass a quiz before moving on, add a course completion trigger to the success layer on the result slide. Click here to see an example of how the trigger might look. 

When you publish, track your Storyline course using the completion trigger rather than the quiz result. Since the completion trigger in this scenario only works if learners pass the quiz, Rise 360 won’t let them continue if they fail the quiz.