Interactive Images - Any full report options?

Feb 14, 2023

Hi everyone! I am new to Articulate and really could use some of your 360 Rise expertise!


I am working on my first e-learning project which will be a short interactive case study going over the review process for a specific accounting monthly reconciliation from a financial manager's perspective.  I would like to provide a sample reconciliation package which includes the final reconciliation and various reports/supporting documentation.

I am thinking about using interactive labeled graphics to cross reference the various reports.  However, from my understanding, in order to accomplish this I will need to take several screenshots from each report and upload each picture separately. 


Is there a way to upload a multi-page report in Rise 360?  

Do you have any design suggestions for multiple labeled graphics? (I originally had the lessons separated by steps in the review process but thinking about switching to each lesson covering one specific report for a better flow.)

Also, do you have any other design suggestions that might work better for us? 

I look forward to reading your suggestions! 



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Kathryn Rosa  Chambers

Hi Karl, 

I currently have reports both in excel and text documents (but can convert to PDF) 

Also, since writing this post, I tried to create interactive buttons on top of an image, but was not successful. Got the idea from the cash register in this example. ELC 401 | Review 360 (




Kathryn Rosa  Chambers

Hi Karl!

I truly appreciate you taking the time to help me more than words can express. 

I've uploaded reports into my draft. It appears as if there is not a way to label the graphics nor display the report in the current window (it pops up to another screen).

Nonetheless, I think what I will do is use snippets/labeled graphics to explain what they are reviewing. Then provide the reports to use along the side with a quiz for a hands on learning opportunity.