Interaktives Video erstellen

Apr 22, 2020

Meine Absicht ist, ein interaktives Video zu erstellen. Der Lernende soll den Film anschauen und dann werden im Film fragen dazugesellt. 

Wenn der Lernende eine Frage falsch beantwortet hat, geht es im Film wider auf eine definierten Zeitpunkt zurück. 

Hat jemand Erfahrung damit?


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Alyssa Gomez
My intention is to create an interactive video. The learner should watch the film and then questions will be added to the film.

If the learner answered a question incorrectly, the film goes back to a defined point in time.

Does anyone have experience with it?

Hi, David! 

We'd be happy to help! First, tell us which tool you're using to create the course. Are you using Storyline 360, Rise 360, or something else? 

Ghaidaa Kotb

Hi Alyssa, was wondering about the same thing and would like to ask if I am creating the course with Rise 360 and I add videos but I would like to ask questions within the video and in order for the learner to continue the video, they need to first respond. Is this a feature in Rise 360?