Internet Explorer 11 compatibility

Dec 05, 2022

Hi. We are currently developing a demo course in Rise 360 with the aim of replacing a suite of 35 courses. We have published the course to our Moodle LMS and tested the course using browserstack/ IE 11. 

We are aware that Articulate have dropped support for IE 11, however many of our users are still using IE 11. When testing the course, we can open the course in IE 11, the course states that 'content is loading' and then the user is presented with a white/ blank screen. Two questions:

1: Is this the expected behaviour?

2: Is there a way of displaying a message stating that IE 11 is not supported and that an alternative browser such as Edge should be used?

Kind regards. Paul

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Hazel Bartolome

Hi Paul! I understand that most of your users still use IE 11 to view courses, and when they use it to open a Rise course, they are presented with a blank screen. 

So sorry; since Internet Explorer is no longer a supported browser, there will really be some odd behavior that you will observe. 

I suggest editing your course and adding a message before the first lesson starts indicating that these supported browsers would best view it. 

Miri Iritz

Hi, We have the same problem with storyline 360. There are some LMSs that work only with IE11. We published a new course and our customer got an "end of support message". I understand that you ended the IE 11 support, but if the customer can't run their courses any more, we won't be able to use storyline 360 to develop courses for them. As a 14 years Storyline user, I expect a solution for this problem other than "So sorry". let the user use IE 11and if they have a problem, we don't expect a solution, but please don't block it. - Thx