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Feb 11, 2022

Hi community/devs,


I've noticed that any new course I make in Rise, the Details section defaults its font back to a Serif font like Times New Roman or something. No matter what font I use, if I view the course on iOS the Details section switches font. This is only happening to new courses, so any course I update from now it will happen. This is a major bug and we need a fix implemented ASAP. 

I've shared a Review link here of this issue: https://360.articulate.com/review/content/ce7766d0-a207-4912-a970-b3a0f624823e/review


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Ros McNamee
Thaise Nardelli

I am having quite the same problem. The body and title fonts are Times New Roman, and the blocks are another non-serif font. On top of that, it is not changing the block accent colours for my custom choice.

Thank you for confirming this is also happening to you. I hope the devs see this soon. 

Ros McNamee
Karina Gomez

😩  This same issue is happening to me! Super weird because I only see serifed fonts on my mobile (Android) and this JUST suddenly started happening. I ask the devs to compare any new review links on desktop against mobile and it's pretty evident. Hope it gets fixed very soon! 😖😖😖😖

I'm glad I'm not the only one. It seems there was a big Rise update yesterday that introduced a bunch of new templates. Maybe this update caused the issue...

Ros McNamee
Karina Gomez

Also noticed that if I go and check previous versions, the correct font displays. 😰

Previous version

But the latest version has the ugly serifed font in there. Somebody help! 😭😭😭😭

Serifed font, latest version


Thank you for this post, this is not good. It's breaking any old courses that were published before the update. Rise devs, please help!

Ros McNamee
Tracy Hodges

I have discovered that the issue depends on the screen and if I zoom in and out, the problem appears and disappears. 

(NB for me, the issue is not on a mobile device, but on a normal PC browser on a large screen.)

Wow Tracy, I did not notice this is happening on Desktop when the responsive player resizes. I think the issue is becoming clearer to fix if it is not related to mobile devices. I'll update my case ticket to reflect this and hopefully they will be steered in the right direction. Thanks for the very helpful information Tracy!

Ros McNamee
Sharon Blanchard

Coming from this post: https://community.articulate.com/discussions/rise-360/font-issue-d932fc03-833e-4659-9b22-72552978b79c#reply-786708.

Our client sent us a screencast of this happening in their courses we built for them using Rise. Is this a documented bug by Articulate? And do they know when it actually started?


Yes Sharon, this has been logged with Articulate as a bug. They are aware of this thread too. 

Ros McNamee
Henrik Larsson

This problem is still unsolved. In mobile view, the font is changed to a serif font. Please, can dev. get back on status on this issue.



It is unfortunate that this issue is still plaguing every Rise course. This is a very simple fix from a coding perspective. The dynamic resolution is altering the font as the screen hits its breakpoints. I'm unconvinced they are actually actively trying to fix this as the fix should be fairly straightforward. 

Ros McNamee

I want to emphasize to the community and the devs, this issue was caused by an update last month. After the update this issue was present. It's a simple font bug that is caused by the screen being resized to a smaller breakpoint.

To the devs: To fix this issue, take a look at the screen size breakpoint where the font switches. You're using a "font:inhert;" call to the body but after the breakpoint, it's restoring a default "Times New Roman" font instead of continuing its inheritance from the body font.

I've done my best here to at least point the devs in the right direction and if there are any coding whizzes in this community, maybe you can identify a solution for the dev team.

Ros McNamee

So I'm tired of waiting for this dev team on this. I'm convinced they are just not doing anything about it. So I had the inspiration to fix this and I found the problem in their coding. TLDR: they are inheriting the Merriweather font in the container for the description. 

For Instructional Designers who can't wait for the devs to implement the fix, here is the solution:

  • When you publish a course, extract the .zip file.
  • Navigate to scormcontent > lib > main.bundle.css
  • Open this file in Notepad, or wherever you want to edit the code.
  • Hit CTRL+F to open the Find window and type in: ".overview__description"
  • You'll notice after the bracket "{" a sentence: "font-family:merriweather,serif;"
  • Change this to "font-family:lato,sans-serif;"
  • Save the file
  • Navigate back to the root folder, select all the folders and files, Send to > Compressed .zip
  • Your course should work without randomly switching to Merriweather font when the screen gets too small, or on mobile. 

For the devs: Look at the solution above and implement the fix inside of Rise so we don't have to do this massive workaround. 

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