Is there a rule of thumb for estimating how long a Rise course will take the learner to get through?

I am converting some ILT leadership & development training content to rise 360. The ILT courses were 4 hours each, and the client wants the e-learning to be under an hour. He said he's OK if it's anywhere in the 30 min-1h 10 range, as long as I get through all the existing content. Is there a good way to estimate how long a rise course will take the e-learner? I could test it on myself and time it, but just wondering if there are any other methods.


Thank you!

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Allison LaMotte

Hi Sarah,

Great question! The only other thing I can think of besides testing it yourself would be to count the number of words that make up the text they need to read, divide it by the number of words the average adult reads per minute, and add that time to any audio or video in your course.

That should give you a good estimate, though obviously it will be slightly different for each learner depending on if they read faster or slower than the average number you used and if they need to go back and re-read certain sections.

I hope that's helpful!