Is there a way to put a Storyline block into a Tab interaction in RISE

Jun 08, 2023

Hi there,

I just finished creating a storyline block for a RISE course, but I don't want it to be just its own block.  I have a series of tabs an I would like the storyline block to play inside the tab but when I select media I only get the option to pull from my computer or content library.

Anyone have thoughts?  

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Teresa Vanderpost

Thanks Judy, that is what I figured, but it would be a good idea :)

But, just as I posted this I had an idea.  My storyline block is one slide with animation, so I just published it as a video and uploaded it to Vimeo and I inserted media using the embed code.  I didn't want learners to have to select a play button, but this might just be a pretty good workaround.

Thanks for confirming for me though.