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Alyssa Gomez

Hey Ain! Great question. The caption will appear to the right or to the left of the marker, depending on it's placement on the image. Try moving the marker, and you'll see that it opens in the opposite direction. 

While there isn't a way to set a marker to always open to the right or left, I can certainly share that feature request with my team!

Christina Clark

Echoing the request for more flexibility about where a marker opens.

I have a graphic of a piece of software and I'm labelling various functions, so I'm restricted as to where I can place the marker to make sure it's highlighting the right part of the screen. The marker text opens up to the right and justified to the middle of the marker, so it is obscuring part of what I want to show above the marker. If I move the marker down so that it doesn't obscure the area I'm trying to highlight, the marker itself seems to be floating in space rather than pointing at something specific.

It's also annoying that I can't predict exactly how a marker is going to open - you just have to place them, preview them, move if necessary, preview again, move again. There has to be a simpler way...