Likeart Survey in Rise

May 26, 2020


I have a question about incorporating a likeart survey question into Rise.

Is it possible to create 8 individual likeart questions as modules inside Rise and then pull the data from each of those 8 questions into a summary slide at the end of the Rise course? 

So, for example, one section of my course is on trust, another is on accountability. Each section has a likeart question. At the very end of the Rise course, there should be a summary slide that pulls the answers from each of the 8 likeart questions scattered throughout the course into a summary slide. 

What I'm not sure on is whether or not this is possible since each likeart question inside Rise would be it's own Storyline Block in the Rise course.

Is this possible?

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Karl Muller

You could do all of this by using a different Storyline block for each Likert question, except for the Summary block.

In Rise, Storyline blocks are completely isolated and cannot "talk" to each other as you can do in Storyline using variables. So you cannot bring together all of the previous responses into one Final Rise Storyline block.

Why do you want each question to be it's own Storyline Block in the Rise course, rather than have all questions in one Storyline Block?

Alternatively you could do your Likert questions in an external tool and embed it in the Rise course using an iFrame.

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