Links to documents on company intranet not working

Feb 22, 2021


I have added links to various documents that are hosted on our intranet. The links work normally when pasted into a browser, but the documents won't download when clicking the link in Rise. Although I could use a document download block instead, I want to use the link to ensure learners always accessing the correct version at all times. Any ideas?

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Nicola! I wonder if there is a setting in your Chrome browser that is preventing the documents from being downloaded. 

Can you tell me more about where your published course is hosted? Is it hosted on a learning management system, a web server, or are you testing the published file from your local hard drive? 

Nicola Roy

Hi Alyssa and Karl, at the moment my course isn't hosted on an LMS. We're accessing it via Articulate Review. I put a module out for review quite a few people reported this issue. I posted the question as I haven't had any issues before so I'm not sure if something has change in Rise or if it's a browser issue.