lock the Audio and video seebar in Rise course


Is it possible to lock the seek bar of an Audio or Video file in Rise? Setting a section with a continue button only if the previous block was completed is fine, but a user can simply click ahead in the seek bar to quickly move it to the end where the continue button then becomes active, which defeats the objective to be honest?

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Renz Sevilla

HI SibaPrasad! We're tracking requests for disabling forward seeking for Audio blocks. I'll add you to that list and make sure to let you know if we have any updates for it!

Regarding Closed Captioning for Audio block, since this is an audio-only element, usually the visual part is created by authors creating a Text block with the audio transcription to assist with accessibility. Another way is to put the audio in a video and have the Closed Captioning play in that manner.

SibaPrasad Padhi

Its better to provide a learner flexibility to access the audio script as closed caption/ transcript as integral part of the audio block. Can we have a + sign in the transcript text input box like in a Accordion block , so that the user don't have  to go for another block to click and at the same time the audio seekbar can be locked so that the user can go through it. 

Christine Yachimec

Can I please be added to the list too?  We just had to convert 9 in class sessions to eLearning courses and thankfully we recorded all the audio just in case we had to go online again. All 9 courses were built in Storyline because the audio needed to be locked down. The process would have been faster if I was able to build in Rise. It would not have been practical to convert a few hundred audio files into videos just to be able to lock them down in Rise.