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Tom Kuhlmann

The zoom isolates the image and will zoom in or out based on screen dimensions. Here's a video to show it.


On smaller images, it will make it larger to fill the screen. On larger images, it scales to fit the image which may actually make it smaller. 


Katherine Piatti

The fact that a function called "zoom" is designed to sometimes make images smaller is highly counterintuitive, to put it mildly. Should I then assume that learners will not necessarily be able to use the zoom function to inspect details in images (e.g. images of documents and forms)?

Tom Kuhlmann

I can see that. I'll bring it to the attention of our team. A magnify feature would allow you to zoom in on an image to get more detail. The zoom is intended to bring the image into focus on the screen.

For example, if you're on a mobile phone and only see part of the image, you can press on it to zoom and it will display the entire image. Depending on the screen size that may make the image larger (zoom in) or make the image smaller (zoom out).