Major bug when embedding Soundcloud in Rise

Jul 28, 2021

Hello everyone,

Next I will explain this incident and I leave you the link of an example of Rise of what happens to us.

Our courses have various audios throughout the content that we have hosted on Soundcloud and that are embedded in Rise through the link.

The last year we have worked without problems, being able to stop the audio whenever the student wanted. But now, the audio plays in a loop without being able to stop it unless you go to another lesson and return to the one where said audio was, and if you can control it correctly.

In addition, this has led to another error, since if said audio is played, when accessing a quiz it does not allow us to advance by clicking the "next" button after the feedback.

On the other hand, if you visit the course without playing the audios, no problem occurs in the quizzes.

When we upload said Scorm to our Canvas platform, when we refresh the page in the quiz to update this error, we get the following message.

We need you to help us solve this important incident that happens to us with all the audios that we embed in Rise. Our students start at the end of September and it is impossible for us to transfer the audios to another platform since there are more than 3000 different audios and the last year working in this way we had no problem.

Thank you very much and we look forward to hearing from you.

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