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Crystal Horn

Hello, Jane. Rise 360 isn't fully accessible yet. Our ultimate goal is to meet accessibility guidelines by the end of 2020. So far, we’ve increased the contrast for built-in course features, added alt text for images, added keyboard-accessible navigation, and closed captioning for videos. We’re currently working on full screen reader support as well.

I've tagged this discussion so we can update you here with developments!

Chino Navarro

Hello everyone!

I’m happy to share our Rise 360 Accessibility Collection, which includes the VPAT to describe how Rise 360 conforms to WCAG 2.1 Level AA criteria. We also updated our roadmap to include Rise 360 features we’re continuing to develop to better support WCAG.

Let me know your questions and experiences building accessible courses for all!

Ashley Zuco

Hi Chino. We are so happy with Rise and all of the updates to accessibility and conformance. I am creating some tip sheets for my team on ensuring 508 compliance when using Rise. I am using the 508 Rise Conformance Report. I see that several blocks are not fully keyboard/screen reader accessible yet (I have noted that for my team in our cheat sheet), but I noticed flashcards aren't listed. When I have tried flashcards with NVDA I have issues getting it to read the cards when flipped. Am I doing something wrong with the screen reader, or are flashcards also not accessible yet via the screen reader? I want to make sure I am giving my team the most accurate info. Flashcards are one of our most popular blocks. 


Dave Farris

Hi Lea -

It's been a while since I've seen an update on this and it looks like it's still on the road map. We have learners who are dependent on our ability to provide accessible lessons and this continues to be a barrier for them. Any idea as to when this and some of the other accessibility features are planned for deployment?