Matching a few responses with many premises

My problem is that I have 3 stages of healing: acute, subacute, and chronic, as responses for a matching question. However, I need for the students to match those three stages with many "treatment considerations." The list could be very long, but I'm planning for 8-10. I do not see a way to suppress the number of responses on the left to something that is lower than the number of treatment considerations on the right. Can this be done?

I have searched through the community, but can't find anything relevant or recent.


Jim Cropper

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Karl Muller

Hi James,

For a matching question, there needs to be an equal amount of drag objects (the left list) and the drop targets (right list).

The matches also need to be unique, i.e. you cannot create a situation where one drag object can be matched to more than one drop target.

For example A1 must always be matched with A2, B1 with B2, etc.