Microlearning issue

Mar 29, 2023

Has anyone tried inserting an image block into a Microlearning? I had everything working just fine and everything flowed as it should. I have several dividers as well. As soon as I inserted a few image blocks, things went awry. When the image is displayed, the colored divider block runs behind it or through it (depending which image block). I tried everything I could think of to fix it. I disconnected and reconnected the blocks that needed to flow. I double checked and the divider block isn't even adjacent to the image block, so there's no reason for it to flow into the image block. I also feel like Rise is acting a bit "wonky" as I'm editing the microlearning. Are there any tweaks coming up that we need to be aware of? Maybe I'm jumping into the microlearning too soon?

I have tried disconnecting the image block from the text block prior to it and that makes the divider strip go away when I preview. But the minute I connect the image block to the one before it, the divider strip runs through my image block (and the divider block isn't even adjacent to it) I have Divider-Heading with paragraph- Image block - paragraph-divider.

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Amruta  Patidar

Hello Team,

I am facing similar issue. 

1. When connecting dividers to interactive blocs or only text blocks it works fine.

2. When we try to connect dividers blocks with blocks containing image/video +text the divider and the image are merged.

Could someone please look into this or inform if there is some different setting that needs to be done? 

Ralf Hartmann

Had the same problem today. Solution or Workaround: Define the background color of the video block with a color (FFFFFF or another one) and the problem is gone. That works for me. 

The predefined color entry FFFFFF is grey as long as you don't "overwrite" it with FFFFFF. Than it is activated with this color.