Modifying Notes is Not Friendly



My team is loving Rise! However, we have need to modify the Note block but are finding that it is not flexible to do this. We'd like to do things like change the HEX value to our brand colors, however when we do this, it changes the entire block background and not the outline of the Note itself. We'd also like to add a brand-approved icon for different types of Notes but there is no way to do this in the Note block.

A workaround we found was to choose a Quote block which allows us to put our own icon to the left where the quote author would ordinarily go. However, unfortunately there are built in quotations coded into this block! We are trying not to use it as a quote block but as a customizable note block. 

I have attached photos for you to see our workarounds and frustrations with these blocks.

Does anyone else have need for customizable Notes? 

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Renz Sevilla

Hi Sarah! You can add ALT text for images so that screen readers will be able to read and share the important context or description of an image with your learners. 

Here's How to Add Alternative Text to Images

Here is our latest Accessibility report and our current roadmap for upcoming accessibility features. Hope that helps!