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Nicole Talley

Thanks Susan for asking this question. I have also been asked to move the Start Button to the bottom of the Introductory page. I will need to inform my customer's that I will not be able to move the button.  I am hoping that in the future we can put the Start Button after the intro to the course. I also believe they are clicking the Start Course without reading all of the information.

Bruna Heinsfeld

That's what always happens with me and my customers. It would be amazing if we could just add the start button after the intro!

I have tried Alyssa's suggestion and, althought it works, the banner can't be moved, so I ended up with a brown banner at the top and a white blank page. :(



Concetta Phillipps

Sheri, change the label to the start course button to all spaces and it disappears. So we change our little instruction section to say go down and select an option to start and it works pretty well. The details button we haven't figured out how to get rid of but if they click that, it goes down to the area where we have them selecting the options anyway.