Multiple choice - triggering different responses for each incorrect answer

Oct 11, 2023


I'm trying to put together a form where the incorrect answers have different reasons for being incorrect.
If I just say "Incorrect" users will ask "Why?"
So I want to trigger something that will do this.

Can I, therefore:
1) Trigger a different layer for each response?
2) Provide some kind of feedback depending on which answer was selected?

I have Googled this until my brains fell out, so I hope someone can assist here.


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Judy Nollet

Rise doesn't have layers; Storyline does.

In Rise, the multiple-choice Knowledge Check blocks have a dropdown menu for indicating how you want to provide feedback. If you select By Choice, the program displays a field for entering feedback next to each response. 

Storyline also provides that option. In that case, the program will create a feedback layer for each response. 

Instead of Googling for this sort of information, I suggest you bookmark the Tutorials and User Guides: Articulate Tutorials & User Guides - E-Learning Heroes 

Steve Warren

Sorry, I include all my Storyline creations in Rise courses, so I posted here by mistake.

Thank you for this: I hadn't seen the Feedback dropdown, so now I know...

BTW I always try here first, but it's a case of knowing what to look for.
Then I try Google, which usually brings me back here, but to a different place!