Multiple Languages in a Single Rise Course?

Sep 18, 2020

I want to translate a Rise course in English into nine different languages, then combine all the translations into a single course and use a menu at the beginning to jump to the preferred language. I assume the course labels will remain in English. I have 2 questions:

Is there a way to select all the translated lesson blocks in a course and send them to the main course or do they have to be copied one at a time?

Will doing this have unexpected results with the translated text?

Thanks for any advice. I am trying to figure out if it will work in Rise.


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Alyssa Gomez

Hello, Ellenina!

The main thing you'll want to consider if you're planning to combine multiple languages into one course is, how do you plan to track completion?

Completion can be tracked by percent viewed or quiz score. Let's look closer at each option:

  • Percent viewed — if a learner is expected to view only 1 out of 9 lessons, then you would need to base completion on viewing 11% of the course.
  • Quiz score — Rise tracks only one quiz score, so you won't be able to track a separate quiz for each language

I would recommend creating a separate course for each language — the overall size of the course will be smaller, and tracking your learners' completion data will be easier. 

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