Navigation of Rise via a button in storyline

Hi all

I am trying to create a button in a storyline block that when clicked would change the location of the Rise course.

So for example, let's say we have 4 sections in Rise

1. Home

2. 1st lesson

3. 2nd lesson

4. 3rd lesson

I want to produce a graphical fun interface of an office space in Storyline and add that to the home page as a storyline block.

I have already created my 3 lessons and if we used the button stack element and inspected the code of each button they would show a hyperlink that looks something like this href="#/list/rKYyubo4LsccL1l3ZzZja6WdNJu7lNTK" the bit in bold is the important part as this changes depending on the location.

So we can copy the code to our three lesson locations delete the button stack and keep these hyperlinks and add these to Storyline as three buttons, however, Storyline does not understand what these are referring to because they are relative to the Rise module and the storyline block sits in an iframe so we have to tell it to affect the top IFRAME. (STILL WITH ME)

This is the issue, I have tried several ways and can not seem to find a solution to navigating rise in this way.

This site had some useful bits about how to use javascript but I just cannot seem to make it work.

So has anybody tried this, got something like this working?

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