Copying and Pasting Blocks

Mar 27, 2017

I am new to Rise and have had a request from the developer to create "Previous Lesson" and "Next Lesson" buttons for each lesson to be placed at the bottom of each lesson. I created one using the button stack block. Can I copy the completed button block and paste it into each new lesson so I won't have to start from scratch with a new button stack each time?

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Kelly Meeker

Hi Garry! You can duplicate blocks within one lesson, but unfortunately there's no way to duplicate blocks across new lessons.

You can however duplicate lessons! So I think one workaround that would work would be to create one lesson that just has the previous and next buttons, and then duplicate that lesson as the starting step of each lesson you're creating.  

Tanya Corlett

We often have the need to copy content, sometimes multiple blocks, between courses and often the header and footer block areas of similar content.

We select the new block template option, highlight the blocks we need, then save the structure as a new template with the name 'Copy'. We then navigate to the courses that need the blocks and insert them from the template block (the copy block generally is at the top of the list). This leaves us with changing a few references in the buttons, but that's about it. We have created quite a library by picking up blocks that we will use over and over again in each new course. 

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