NEW IN ARTICULATE 360 TEAMS: Transfer Content

Today we released a new feature that’s just for Articulate 360 Teams: transfer content. Now it’s easy to maintain control of your content when team members change.

The new transfer content feature lets you transfer projects when users are removed from your Articulate 360 Teams account. You can transfer Storyline 360 team slides, Rise 360 courses and block templates, and Review 360 content.

Here’s how easy it is to transfer content:

We hope this new feature is helpful!

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Sandy Rushton

While I appreciate that this feature is useful when permanently removing a user from a team, in the case of the team I work in it is proving to be problematic. We swap seats quite regularly, as different members of our team require Articulate 360 access at different times. I believe this is a common situation for many Articulate 360 customers.

Since the introduction of this feature we have encountered issues with content being assigned elsewhere or - worse - deleted accidentally when team members are swapping seats. The fact that it is possible to permanently delete Rise/Review content from the pop-up, with no possibility of recovery, is extremely risky. The current system puts users in a position where they could easily delete sensitive and important work with no warning that this is irreversible, or transfer content without a paper trail to follow. Again, this poses a real problem when swapping seats on a regular basis.

I've already submitted a feature request to change the default of the pop-up to 'Nothing - just remove user from team', as we believe that would significantly reduce the amount of mistakes made. But I wanted to reiterate here the gravity of making an error when swapping seats, and draw this to the attention of the community and development team.


Alyssa Gomez

Hi Sandy,

Thanks for sharing your insight on the transfer content feature in Rise 360. I can understand the need to change the default option to 'Nothing - just remove user from team'. I'll pass along your request to my team!

One of the benefits of an Articulate 360 Teams subscription is that you can reassign seats when team members leave the company or their roles change. However, you can't frequently swap multiple people in and out of the same seat. In each 12-month period, you can transfer seats up to two times the number of seats in your account. For example, if your team has 10 seats, you can make up to 20 transfers per year.

Guido Roessling

Is there any way for authors (without an Articulate 360 Teams subscription) to transfer a course to somebody else?
In this concrete example, students want to create content within the 60-day trial period and then transfer it to the teacher (me) so it can be maintained later on. As a stand-alone teacher, I don't have a Teams subscription...