NEW IN RISE 360: Closed Captioning

Feb 04, 2020

We’ve just released a powerful new feature in Rise 360: closed captioning. Now you can upload closed caption files to videos to make your content more accessible. 

It’s easy to add closed captions to your Rise 360 courses. Just click Edit and select Manage captions in any block that showcases a video. Select the language, and then add your file. You can add as many languages as you like.

We hope you love this helpful new feature!

150 Replies
Darren McNeill

Users have to roll over for the player opens to show. Click on CC and choose the language.

For me this is an issue. I need to have the option that a default Caption language is already showing?

I do not need a single video to have multiple languages, only the one as we publish individual courses per language. At the moment I add Captions in different languages in Camtasia and import the video into Rise with the language subtitles already embedded.

It would be a good option to show a particular language when the video plays?

Kai S Fredriksen

Love this new feature - but I have one problem, as I try to upload Norwegian subtitles, we get a big "?" on the special letters, like in the picture: Ø, Æ, Å being the special letters. 
Despite having selected Norwegian as a language in Articulate Rise. 

In the Webatt text file, the letters display as normal. Anyone able to help here? 

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Darren — where are your embedded videos hosted? If they are hosted on YouTube or Vimeo, those hosting tools have their own closed captioning features. 

Hi Mackenzie — the closed captions button should be enabled as long as you followed these steps. If that's not working for you, would you be willing to send us your course Share link by clicking here?