Not on a team - Adding Quiz Questions to Question Banks

From the support page (

"Adding Quiz Questions to Question Banks

Quickly add a question from your quiz lesson to your question banks with these steps.

    1. Click the More (...) icon for the question and select Add to question bank.
    2. Navigate to the question bank you want to modify and select it.
    3. Click Add to Bank."

Here is the problem. I do not have a team account. I bought my licenses for just myself. When I try to add a question from a quiz to the bank, I don't get the option to "Add to question bank" I can only select Duplicate or Delete. Am I missing something? Do folks with single licenses not get this feature? If single licenses don't have this ability, will we get it? 

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Scott Ford

Yes, I have made three question banks for far for the different units. Right now I am having to manually add questions from an end-of-section knowledge check to the quiz, and then copy them to the bank also manually.

For the end of the unit quiz, I am able to use the question bank to create the quiz.