Organising block templates and courses

Oct 19, 2018

Hi, I work for a large consumer goods company and develop training courses accros multiple brands.  Is there a way to group block templates into categories as we will potentially have many templates repeating with different colours ect. 

This will also be relevent to how we can organise and view courses on the home page, with potentially hundreds of course on the horizon, we need to be able to organise things better. Always reverting to the "All Courses" folder is frustrating. A better home page with capacity for larger organisations to navigate easier could really help.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Matthew, 

It sounds like you'd hope to organize Templates into folders? Although that's not a current setup in Rise, you can quickly search by author or keywords:

In the Rise folders, you'll always default to the All Courses Folder, and then you can choose to look within a particular folder. I'm also a fan of keyboard shortcuts and use CMD +F on my Mac to bring up a search bar - that way I can search my courses based on a title.

I know a few other folks have asked for additional improvements to the Folder set up in Rise (and Review) so I'll include this discussion as a part of those requests! I'll keep you posted here with any updates. 

Matthew Francis

Thanks Ashley, this could help.

Also just a back note for the main folder or course organisation. It could be handy to add some categorisation checks for each course. i.e. Working / Draft, Active, Proposed....?

This might be a way to help provide additional information about each course and its purpose or status.

Sam Schofield

I really think having folders to organize custom block templates is a NEED, not a want at this point. We have multiple departments creating their own templates and now we just have too many to sort through. The search method mentioned above is ok but dependant on a lot of things out of my control. The ability to create a folder for each department would save so much time and stress! Please add my thoughts to your "requests for improvements" and add a million exclamation points to it, please.

Gil Walker

100% Agreed with Sam on this. This is a NEED. If I make a new course, I should be able to specify which block templates the course can 'see' -otherwise you're constantly haunted by templates I'm not using for the current project, but don't want to delete in case I need I go back and make updates in the future. 

Also... what about a hotkey to bring up the templates related to this course? It seems crazy to me that my own templates aren't in the quick access block bar down the bottom. Instead I have to click All blocks > Block Templates > Scroll down and find my template > Click to add the template! If our templates were in the quick access toolbar and I could reorder them as needed this 4 step process could be reduced to  a single click!


Judy Nollet

I'll add my vote for being able to organize block templates in folders. 

I also like the idea for having something to better organize/recognize courses. FYI: I just put in a suggestion to add an "Identifier" or "ID" field to each course. Here's how I envision it:

  • The text entered in the ID field wouldn't appear anywhere in the published course. 
  • It would appear (instead of the official title) when I'm looking at my set of courses in Rise. 

The ID field could default to be the same as the title (for those who like seeing the title). But the field's text should be editable for those of us who want to specify versioning, ownership, dept, and/or other info.

So, for example, instead of seeing a title like "Our Company's Code of Conduct: Maintaining an Ethical and Safe Environment," I might see something like "Code 2022 draft 1 Judy."

John James

100 percent Agreed with Sam on this. This is a NEED. Assuming I make another course, I ought to have the option to indicate which square formats the course can 'see' - in any case you're continually spooky by layouts I'm not utilizing for the current undertaking, however don't have any desire to erase on the off chance that I want I return and make refreshes from now on.

Too... shouldn't something be said about a hotkey to raise the layouts connected with this course? It appears to be insane to me that my own layouts aren't in the speedy access block bar down the base. Rather I need to click All squares > Block Templates > Scroll down and track down my layout > Click to add the format! Assuming that our layouts were in the speedy access toolbar and I could reorder them depending on the situation this 4 stage cycle could be decreased to a solitary snap!

John James

Hello, I was simply investigating this theme myself for certain tips and tracked down this conversation. I might want to concur with the focuses made by Matthew and I truly like the idea to add the classification checks for example working/draft... extraordinary thought and I couldn't imagine anything better than to have the option to utilize that!

Dave Ashby

This is a HUGE NEED. This is one of the MOST FRUSTRATING things about Rise. I have a team that runs from 5-10 IDs, and we like to share block templates for some things. Different projects require different block templates. If we could create folders, like we already have access to, in the Content area, it would make life so much easier. Having to remember what we called a block template and search for it is crazy. If each course could have its own folder of customer templates, it would be brilliant! Having to go through everyone's templates for hundreds of projects is crazy!!!! 

Adaline Fraser

100% agree this is a NEED. Given the number of templates we use, the "search" method relies on everyone across multiple teams using the same naming conventions, and what do you do when a block doesn't really fit into one of the predetermined category, or you don't know the name of the creator since they're no longer with the company? If we can organize courses into folders, why can't we organize block templates?