Pastuing hyperlinks into Rise 360 doesn't paste as a link

Dec 04, 2020

HI everyone I am trying to copy paste a bibliography type of text (lots of hyperlink!) into Rise, but the hyperlinks turn to text when I paste into Rise. They then have to be added again to the text which takes quite some time.

Is there a way of copy/paste links that will stay live?


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Steven Benassi

Hi Matthew!

Thanks for checking in on this!

I don't have any updates to share at this time as our development team has been prioritizing other features. I've included you in the feature report and will provide updates as soon as we have news to share!

If you'd like to stay up to date, you can bookmark our Feature Roadmap.

Rebecca  Fellows

Thank you, Phil, for putting that video together for us so quickly!

Unfortunately, I'm encountering an issue with hyperlinks from our SharePoint app, resulting in a 'SharePoint Refused to Connect' error. It seems to be a SharePoint-specific problem as linking individually works fine.

I tested your steps with hyperlinks from a regular website, and they worked perfectly. However, when copying and pasting from Word (after using the HTML Cleaner), the links don't open in new tabs as expected for external links.

Thanks again for your help! I'll continue to work with these pesky SharePoint links :/

Much appreciated!

Phil Foss

Glad that mostly/kinda worked. It looks like you will need to pop open the 'edit link' tool and then re-close it, that will add the default 'new window' attribute that is normally added by default when adding links in Rise.

I'm not sure about the Sharepoint- you might want to test that as an exported/deployed course as they may behave differently when previewing in Rise.

Rebecca  Fellows

Thank you!

I exported the course, and the bulk SharePoint links worked! I still have to open the 'edit link' tool and re-close, but that is so much easier than copy/pasting each hyperlink in.  Thanks so much, you've saved me hours of work and error risk. 

I'm also keen to check out your 'Images in Rise 360' course mentioned in your video once it's available 😊

Many, many thanks.