Play button and playback controls in Rise 360

Apr 20, 2023

I am creating a medical education module in Rise where learners have to analyze a moving x-ray image (video fluoroscopy). Things happen pretty quickly in real time so I want them to be able to slow things down and pause the playback. I currently get a big play button overlay over the image when pausing the video, which hides what they are trying to examine. Also, there are no controls to slow the video down when adding video to a quiz question. Is there a way to overcome these issues?

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Angelo Cruz

Hi Yorick! Thanks for reaching out.

You can, technically, add a video to your quizzes. However, since your media is not added using a Video block, you won't see the video controls such as the playback speed. As for the play button, it will always appear for videos uploaded to Rise.

A workaround I can suggest is to host the video using an online multimedia platform such as Vimeo or YouTube, then embed them in your quizzes. Embedded videos will include player controls of the video hosting platform such as the playback speed. Or you can adjust the parameters to include other embed options.

Here's a quick recording of how a Vimeo video will look when embedded in a quiz. 

I hope this helps.

Christopher Santos

Hi Ellen,

You should be able to embed a Storyline block with player controls.  All of the controls should function just fine (as shown in the screen recording below):


The only control that will not function at the moment is the full-screen option.  It's a feature we have requested from our Rise engineers already.  And we'll update this thread as soon as we hear more from our team about this feature.