Possible to change Marker colors on a Labeled Graphic in Rise?

I am wondering if anyone has any insights into if its possible to change the color of the markers on a labeled graphic in rise? The images I am using have a white background and the markers are not obvious and do not stand out unless you hover or click on them... I want to ensure my end users are seeing them... Thanks!

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Tom Carter

Hey Crystal

Any news on this? I know you can change marker colour to some degree in Rise - but its the animated 'halo' that i'd love to be able to change.. Whatever the button changes to the, if the halo could be changed to a high transparency of that - wow, that's be fab!!

Do I need to put this into a product change request?

Cleon McClure

OK thanks - this requested marker color feature has been "in development" for over a year... IF this is very low on your priority development list - please share that it will be a long time before this feature will be updated.  The ambiguous "when it's ready" statement is... standard "no answer" jargon...