Possible to save a draft of Rise without updating immediately?

Jun 29, 2017

Hi There.

Not sure if this is a question or a feature request. It might already be possible. Here goes....

In Articulate Rise, what would be great is when you update and make changes, that you could hold back publishing it and keep it in draft mode for internal review before actually publishing the changes. This means that if you have a link to a 'live' in use version of an Articulate Rise production, you carry out work to it without it disrupting those that are already using it.

Is this possible already or is it something that's worth looking at introducing?

If of course, you publish to SCORM or Tin Can and upload to LMS, this isn't an issue. It's only where people are accessing the Articulate Rise content from a link.

Kind Regards,



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Crystal Horn

Hello Ady!

If you're using the Rise URL to share your course, you'll see edits after refreshing the browser tab.

As a possible workaround, could you duplicate a course and give it a version title?  That way, you'll still have the original Rise URL intact without any edits, and have your working version which is private until you share it.

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