Presenting with Screen Share- Why not?

Sep 05, 2022

Hello all, I am a department of one for my organization and I'm trying to create almost everything from scratch. I have a lot of work I want to do to make an impact, but not much time or budget (sound familiar?).

I see no real issue to using Rise 360 to present my course for the groups that need instructor-led training. I can remove certain blocks to make it more seamless, but have a copy ready to go for pure e-learning.

Any suggestions or examples that the community can help me with, to make this more effective? Any pitfalls I should be aware of?

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James Wolfe

Hi Elizabeth! Thank you for replying. I like your ideas and your reasoning, it went in line with what I was thinking.

Last week I presented my Rise 360 course using Review, for sessions virtually on Google Meet and in person. Each way was still efficient and the people I presented to thought the design was clean and nice. I did notice a couple of things that I believe others may benefit from knowing, especially if they come across this thread or your blog post.

First, I created my blocks with 100 px padding so that the following blocks were not visible while I lingered on one.

I also used the "full screen" option on my google browser to show the course without seeing my other tabs. I also collapsed the sidebar course guide so that the content was the focus, though I totally understand why you left yours visible so that the learners could see your progress.

I noticed that it was easy for me to accidentally click on images as I scrolled, which I solved by clicking the option to not "zoom on click." I also noticed a few times where I zoomed in on purpose and review froze, so I had to refresh my course and go back to that section.

Last thing, I did not have much luck using a presentation clicker. Maybe I was ordering ones that did not work too well period. The clicker would allow me to select items but it did not scroll very well.

Did you use your laptop to navigate the course in review, or did you have a clicker and walk around?

Thank you, and great blog!