Preserving RISE Projects for Suspended or Closed Account Subscriptions

Nov 27, 2022

My client wants to use RISE as their primary e-learning development platform.  However, they are concerned because, unlike Storyline and other legacy e-learning development tools, the development environment is cloud-based.  I want to allay their fears. 

Please tell me: If my client wishes to close their account, what is the procedure for preserving the RISE development files for access again when the account is re-opened.  Thanks...

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Karl Muller

Hi Thomas,

  • 11.5. Effect of Termination. Other than as provided in Section 11.3, no refunds or credits for subscription charges, fees, or other payments will be provided to you if you elect to terminate your subscription to the Services prior to the end of your then-effective subscription term, or cancel, downgrade, or reduce your Services plan, scope of license, access, or other rights during the Term, or cancel your account; or if we terminate or cancel your account because of your breach of these Terms or as otherwise provided under 11.4. Additionally, in these cases you must immediately pay any amounts then due to Articulate, including unpaid fees and charges associated with the remainder of the term. Following the termination or cancellation of your subscription to the Services and/or related account, we retain Your Content for up to six (6) months. After six months, we permanently delete Your Content from our servers and cannot restore it. We can, upon request, delete Your Content as soon as your subscription ends, in which case it will not be retrievable.