Printable Training Certificate for Rise 360 course completion

Jun 17, 2022


I develop training for franchisees, so we do not work with a LMS.  Currently I develop training in Storyline.  Within the Results screen I have been able to add a "Print Certificate" button, that prompts a "type name" bubble, which then creates and opens a new window with the Training Certificate.  The certificate has the name of course, date, name of person, score, and a list of all the questions and answers.  They trainee is able to save this as a pdf, or just print. 

I would like to start developing training in Rise 360 and will need the same kind of printable Training Certificate.  Is this option available with Rise 360 platform? 

Thank you, 


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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Stacy. Rise 360 doesn't offer this option. If your franchises are using an LMS, they may have some options. Otherwise, you can refer them to to host and track their training - it includes certificates for courses and learning paths! And bonus, if you're building the course in Rise 360, you can export it to any team.

Sneha  Mhatre

Hi Crystal,

We have embedded a storyline certificate in RISE. The learners can type their name and download their certificate.  In a scorm file, they can access the certificate tab at the end of the RISE course. However, there is nothing stopping them from accessing the tab and entering multiple names multiple times to download certificates. How can we stop the users from repeating this to control the certificate fraud?


Steven Benassi

Hi Sneha!

Thanks for reaching out!

I see that you've already opened a support case and connected with my colleague, Johnrey. Smart move! It looks like Johnrey is reviewing your files and should be following up with you shortly.

We can continue troubleshooting through your case to keep all information in one spot.

Phoebe Lu

Hello Steven, I have exactly the same question - if I insert the Certificate SL page at the end of RISE course. I want to prevent learners from just entering multiple names with multiple times to get the certificate without taking the course, 

Should I open up a support case as well?

Thank you very much in advance. 


Luciana Piazza

Hi Phoebe! 

I'm happy to share the support my colleague Johnrey shared within their case. 

 This happens because Rise 360 resumes when revisited at the beginning of the lesson. Unfortunately, the Storyline block will be reset when this happens, so learners can get another certificate when the slide reloads.

I'm afraid there's no way to prevent this from happening unless you upload the certificate course to the LMS as a standalone content and then provide the link to it in your Rise 360 course. This way, learners cannot reprint because the button will remain hidden when they revisit the standalone course since Storyline courses can retain object states.

If you have any further questions, we'd be happy to discuss them here or privately in a support case!

Have a wonderful afternoon!

Phoebe Lu

Thank you very much Luciana for the info. I see. My case is we cannot use LMS for the upcoming course I help design, it's 100% for externals (and Reach 360 is not a way for that in this case neither).

If you guys cannot even prevent this from happening (get the certificate without RALLY taking the course), I don't think there is a better way, I will address this to the project manager to see if it is still ok. 

Thank you so much!