Printing a Checklist Page in Rise

Good morning,

Not using the export to PDF function, wondering if there is a way for a learner to print just a single topic?  Ideally, I would love to have a print button at the bottom of my topic to permit the learner to print that page, such as a checklist.  I see I can insert a code snippet.  Theoretically, I can insert the HTML for a print button, but, that function only seems to display the actual code and not execute the code snippet.  

What am I missing?  Has anyone been able to create a print function somehow?




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Vickie Sublette

It doesn't work in Review 360, so that means I have to wait until it's finalised and uploaded to the LMS - to then maybe find out it doesn't work. 

Not a great option - but what I suppose I will have to do is put instructions on the page to use the print function in their browser and *hope* they are using Chrome and *hope* it works.