Printing a Checklist Page in Rise

Jan 17, 2020

Good morning,

Not using the export to PDF function, wondering if there is a way for a learner to print just a single topic?  Ideally, I would love to have a print button at the bottom of my topic to permit the learner to print that page, such as a checklist.  I see I can insert a code snippet.  Theoretically, I can insert the HTML for a print button, but, that function only seems to display the actual code and not execute the code snippet.  

What am I missing?  Has anyone been able to create a print function somehow?




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Vickie Sublette

It doesn't work in Review 360, so that means I have to wait until it's finalised and uploaded to the LMS - to then maybe find out it doesn't work. 

Not a great option - but what I suppose I will have to do is put instructions on the page to use the print function in their browser and *hope* they are using Chrome and *hope* it works.

Wendy Dufour

I would also like add a request to have the ability to print a block added to Rise. Instead of telling learners what is important from a module my team wants learners to create their own "cheat sheets" at the end of short courses that they can print and retain for use with their clients. We are exploring checklists and quizzes, but it would be great to have an easy "print" option available.