Problem with Rise SCORM and new attempt

Aug 15, 2018

Hi all,

When I publish a SCORM on Moodle from Storyline the students get an option to start a new attempt - they get a prompt "Do you want to resume where you left off?" See attached. Answering no forces a new attempt.

This is the desired behavior.

When I publish a SCORM to Moodle from Rise (identical Moodle settings) the students do not get this option. The SCORM opens directly to where they left off. 

Anyone else experience this? Is it a bug? I need the students to be able to start a new attempt if they wish.

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Leslie McKerchie

Hello Stephen,

Thanks for reaching out and sharing the behavior that you're seeing.

The Rise content will always resume if you're hosting in a  Learning Management System (LMS) and the LMS supports the resume/bookmarking behavior. 

It sounds like you are looking for a similar prompt to what you've seen in Storyline where it asks the learner if they'd like to resume and they have the option to start the course over? 

I’ll be happy to share this information with our team on your behalf.

Any other ideas/suggestions that you have can always be shared directly with our team here.

Digital Design

I recently encountered this issue also. We have a branching activity which we have set up using button stack, as a result we have disabled the navigation menu and next/previous lesson buttons at the top and bottom. Unfortunately this means that when the student reaches the end of the activity, they can't start again. We were hoping to use Moodle settings to force new attempt, but this option doesn't work with Rise. We might have to a button at the end to redirect students to the start, but would prefer the force new attempt option in Moodle to work with Rise.

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